Identity Theft

Someday it may happen to you! Your bank accounts are emptied. Your credit cards are maxed out! You have just become a victim of "Identity Theft".

In this exercise you are going to learn:

You have been appointed to an Identity Theft Crime Team (ITCT). The team is organizing a community out-reach program where they will present their program to organizations in the community. The ITCT is divided up into three groups. Each group will prepare a different topic on Identity Theft as indicated below.

Team 1 - Tips on How to Avoid Identity Theft and Credit Card Fraud.
Team 2 - Common Identity Theft Scams
Team 3 - How to Take Control

You team should become very familiar with its topic. The team may want to create visual aids to help bring its point across.

Your teacher will assign you to your team and topic. You will also be assigned different segments within your topic.

Use the following rubrics to help you prepare for your presentation. There will be individual scores as well as group scores.