Finding An Apartment

Now you are working and have chosen a checking account, it is time to go apartment for the rent on
your apartment. Complete the exercises and assignments on this page.


In this lesson you will:
  • Learn about different types of apartments.
  • Learn where to go to look for apartments.
  • Identify different things that you should take into consideration when choosing an apartment.
  • To review a lease and understand the landlord's and your obligations.
  • Decide how to furnish your apartment and stay within a budget.
  • Determiner whether or not to have a roommate.
  • Understand the importance of renter's Insurance.

Activity 1 - Where to Find An Apartment?

You have many different resources available when trying to find an apartment. Here are just a few to help narrow your search.

  • Classified ads in the newspaper.
  • Seeing "For Rent" signs on buildings in the neighborhood.
  • Getting information from family and friends.
  • From real estate agencies.
  • Doing searches on the Internet.

What Do I Need to Know Before I Rent An Apartment

When choosing an apartment there are many different things that you need to think about before using the above resources.
View the following video to learn more. Then answer the questions on your study guide.

Here are some more links to visit that have great questions you may want to know about an apartment.

dollar_sign.jpgAssignment A

After listening to the video and looking at the above web sites, you should have a pretty good idea of what is important to know when you choose and apartment. In this assignment, use Google. Docs to make a list of 10 items that you feel are most important for you. Title the document "Important Information" , print it and place it in the Drop Box.
Here is an example: Location - If you do not have a car, you may want to look for a place that is close to where you work or might have public transportation available.

dollar_sign.jpgAssignment B: The Search Begins

Now that you have a list of criteria for the place you want to rent, you are going to find three (3) apartments that meet your needs. You can use whatever resources that are available to you, see the above list under Activity 1. Use the spreadsheet "Finding An Apartment" to from Google Docs. Below are some local Real Estate Agencies and classified sites that you may use. Note: You are to only look for apartments for rent. Make sure the apartments you choose are within your budget, $600.00.

Johnstown Home Rentals
Johnstown Tribune Democrat
Johnstown Apartments
Craigs List
Trader's Guide

Activity 2: What is a Lease?

Whenever you rent your apartment you will be asked to sign a lease. Watch the following video to learn more about a lease and your responsibilities.

Assignment C: Signing Your Lease.

You have finally found just the right apartment. Before you move in you must sign a lease with your landlord. Print and complete your lease.

Apartment Lease

Make sure to read through it very carefully. Remember: YOU MUST LIVE WITH WHAT YOU SIGN!. Answer the questions on "Signing Your Lease" document on Google. When finished, make sure print and put this in the Drop Box.

Activity 3 - Furnishing Your Apartment

When you are first starting out you will have limited funds to furnish your new apartment. Sometimes you will be able to gather some pieces from friends and family. However, you may also have to purchase most or maybe all of your furniture.


Assignment D: Lets Go Shopping

Print the Google Doc titled "Your Furnishings" . Follow the instructions to buy furniture for your apartment. Show Mrs. Kennedy your list before your move on!


Assignment E: Making Sure the Furniture Fits.

You will now use a room planner to make sure that your furniture fits your apartment. Go to (Alternate link for Room Planner) Icovia Room Planner to place furniture in your new apartment. Choose "Small apartment- 1 Bedroom". Once finished print your room plan.

Activity 4: Buying Renter's Insurance

Renter's insurance is a very inexpensive way to make sure your possessions are covered in your apartment. Go to "What is Renter's Insurance and Why You Need It"and "What is a Deductable"

Assignment F: Renter's Insurance

Open the Google Doc, "Renter's Insurance" and answer questions about renter's insurance. Make sure that you make a copy of the doc, put your name on it, print and place it in the Drop Box.

For the second part of Assignment F, you will need to have open "Great Northern Insurance Company Tenant's Form (HO-4).