Section 1 - Earning a Paycheck
This section covers factors that determine demand for types of jobs and also the ways in which you can earn your paycheck.

Calculating Wages

Wage formulas

  1. Regular Pay=Regular Rate x Regular Hours
  2. Overtime Rate=Regular Rate x 1.5 or 2.0
  3. Overtime Pay=Overtime Rate x Overtime Hours
  4. Gross Pay=Regular Pay + Overtime Pay
  5. Deductions=Gross Pay x %
  6. Net Pay=Gross Pay - Deductions

Annual Salary / Number of Pay Periods


Commission=Total Sales x Commission Rate

Pay Periods
Bi-weekly pay= 26 pays per year.
Semi-monthly pay=24 pays per year.
Weekly pay= 52 pays per year.
Monthly pay = 12 pays per year.

How to Spell Numbers

**Spelling Numbers**
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Supplemental Problems in Calculating Payroll