business_people.jpgChapter 1 - Accounting Careers: Communication and Ethics in the Workplace

To begin your study, you must learn the language of accounting.

  1. Complete the vocabulary sheet. (Vocabulary sheet may have been emailed to your Gmail from me. If not you can save the file and do it in any word processor including Google Docs. Accounting Vocabulary.doc)
  2. Use the search engine below to locate your your terms. Look at several sites to record the definition that you understand the best.


Business Ethics

Next you will explore the idea of business ethics.
  1. Begin by reading the information in you textbook on page 12-14.
  2. Next, do a search on ethics to find more information using the above search engine.
  3. Assessment 10 points: Use Google Docs to write several paragraphs about what you've discovered. In your paragraphs explain similarities between the role of ethics in business and personal ethics. Also describe what you should do and think about before making a decision that could have questionable results.

Chapter 2 - Starting a Proprietorship

Now it is time to begin thinking accounting and numbers. If you were absent or need to review class instruction for Chapter 2, click here to view lesson videos and download class materials.

You will be working on problems in class. Problems will be done using Excel spreadsheets. You must use the following file naming format to save the file to your network folder:

Create a folder for Personal Finance.
  • prob #_your name.xls

Key Chapter Concepts:

The accounting equation: Assets = Liabilities + Owner's Equity

Steps to Analyze Transactions:

  1. What two accounts are affected?
  2. How do you classify the accounts?
  3. How will the transaction change each account? (cause to increase or decrease)
  4. What is the new balance?