Automobile Insurance

You will soon be 16 and probably have been thinking about driving and possibly getting your own car. As a driver you will take on many adult responsibilities. A car is a powerful machine and you need to take care for your safety and the safety of those around you. But, sometimes events occur where you may find yourself in an accident.

Automobile insurance is required in most states for vehicles that are driven on the road. As a teenage driver, you or your parents will be required to provide extra insurance coverage.

Open this Car Insurance worksheet in your Google Docs. You will use the information below to answer the questions. Make sure you make a copy of the document and name is accordingly. Next put it into your Personal Finance folder.

How to Buy Car Insurance

This videos gives you an idea of what you will need to do to purchase car insurance. Use the information from them to answer Questions 1-17 on the worksheet.

What types of Coverages Are There?

This video describes five different types of automobile insurance. Use this information to answer Question 18 on the worksheet.

Does the Type of Car You Drive Have an Effect on the Cost of Your Insurance.

Explore this web site and give five examples of how car choice can increase your costs. NOTE: You will have to scroll down the page to find this information. Questions 19-21

The Teenage Driver

Cost of insurance for the teenage driver is very high. What can you and parents do to help lower the costs. Question 22.

What Happens to your Insurance If???

Mishaps can occur with young inexperienced drivers. This video describes how different types of driving violations can impact the cost of your insurance. Questions 23-26.

Pennsylvania Teenage Driver Laws.

As recent as 2011, Pennsylvania has changed the requirement for Junior licenses. Use this link to answer questions 27-31 on your worksheet.

Safety Rating of You Car Can Lower Your Insurance Costs

Before you buy that car, make sure you check out its safety ratings. A better rating can impact your car insurance costs. Use the table at the bottom of your worksheet and this link to find the rating of five cars of your choice.

Make sure you pay close attention to the test key to see what each of the codes mean. Once you find your vehicle, compare it to others like it. Ask Mrs. Kennedy for help if you need it.